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Your greatest strength lies within you!

Heart 2 Mind Therapy is dedicated to providing an open, safe and compassionate space for children, families, individuals and couples during their mental health journeys. 

We strongly believe that the greatest tools we possess, to overcome challenges in our journeys, lies within ourselves and the ability to believe in who we are. Therapy is simply an accessible tool, that provides support in constructive and productive ways, with a professional who can help formulate a roadmap specific to you. Each of our journeys are unique, which is why we strongly believe in making therapy something that meets your specific needs. 

Our Specialties

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Parent Coaching

We offer intensive parent coaching sessions to target challenges within the home between children and parents or caretakers. Our programs are designed to taylor fit each family in order to address their needs specifically. Through our parent coaching sessions, we provide one on one support in how to assess, breakdown and reduce/eliminate challenging behaviors. 

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Art, Play and Sand Tray Therapies

Therapy can sometimes present as a challenge when verbal communication is difficult to access. We cannot always express our deepest emotions, fears or thoughts with words. As a result, there are specific nonverbal interventions to help support the therapeutic process with minimal verbal expression but maximum therapeutic effect. 

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Advocacy and IEP Services

Many families who have a child with special needs, do not fully know their rights or their children’s rights that are granted to them by the state and school districts. Even if parents are aware of their rights, many times it is a struggle to gain access to what is rightfully due. Our advocacy and IEP support services help families access the supports and services needed for your specific child.

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