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Homeostasis: The Key to Parenting Behaviors Succesfully

No matter what your parenting struggles may be this workshop is for you. The valuable tools you will learn, can be applied to any age child, any parenting style, and any home. My secret guide to parenting is here to help you learn the most effective ways to target your parenting challenges, in ways that work specifically for you and your family! This system has been proven effective for many years in my personal private practice and is now available in an intensive hands on workshop!

Image by Obie Fernandez

Defiant and Oppositional Behaviors

Do you feel like every time you make a request or a rule your child loves to break it? Does it feel like every time you need assistance or support your child becomes behavioral? Do you struggle with a child who no matter what you say does the opposite? Do you find yourself repeating the classic slogan, “you better not do that or else”?

Dinosaur Fight

Tantrums and Meltdowns

Do you find yourself struggling with excessive tantrums or meltdowns in a day? Do you feel like more situations than not end in either you or your child crying? Do you find that every time you put a demand on your kid the world comes crashing down?

Eating Cereal

Daily Rountines

Does it feel like you are arguing every day with your child to complete or perform basic living skills like eating, hygiene and sleep? Is it difficult to uphold a consistent routine in your home? Does a certain time of day feel more overwhelming to parent then not (like bed time, morning time, homework time)?


Scheduling and Time Management

Do you ever feel like no matter what you try to accomplish in a day you never can? Ever feel like you cannot manage providing each child with alone or special time? Feel like work takes priority over your family in terms of scheduling and unfortunately you are watching the consequences play out within your family and children?

Image by Jason Rosewell

Communication Barriers

Do you find yourself yelling non stop? Do you ever question your parenting because you always seem angry? Does it feel like you are speaking words but no one is ever listening? Ever feel like you are on a hamster wheel playing an endless game of operator?


Difficulty Connecting

Are you struggling to engage with your child? Does it feel like every time you want to connect they disconnect? Do you not know how to enjoy time with your child? Do you feel overwhelmed planning family time because of the chaos?

What is Homeostasis Parenting? 

Homeostasis parenting is a workshop developed specifically by Jennifer Ray, MA, LMFT, to support parents and caretakers alike, in effectively managing behaviors causing distention or struggles with parenting within the home. Its premise is to teach how to adequately identify the challenging behaviors occurring, recognize why certain behaviors exist, and ultimately help manage parenting stressors and challenges triggered by defiant or difficult behaviors. Since behaviors vary from house to house and child to child, this workshop will teach you how to effectively adapt to every challenge. 

Homeostasis Parenting is devised to further your knowledge and understanding of what behavior is and why it occurs, while learning strategic ways to reduce and eventually eliminate problematic behaviors with minimal yelling and anger. The tools and education that the workshop provides can be applied to any age child, any household, and any parenting style. 


This 4.5 hour workshop is structured to provide you with an educational foundation, hands on tools and interventions that will be practiced in real time, and the ability to ask questions relevant to your parenting needs. Please join us for one of our upcoming workshops and never look at parenting challenges the same way again!

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